A passionate Android developer with a love FOR problem solving and design.

I have been an Android developer since 2010. Initially working at the system level before starting application development, where I have spent most of my time. I’ve had the pleasure of working on several big projects within large teams as well as small-scale projects on my own or with one or two other developers.

Since being introduced to reactive extensions I’ve tried to use them in all of my applications, so RxJava is a library I’ve used a lot in the past and I hope to get to use RxKotlin in the future.¬†I’m interested in expanding on the use of Kotlin in my Android applications.

Retrofit by Square enables easy consumption of well-formed APIs so it features heavily in my skill set. Recently¬†the model-view-presenter (MVP) software pattern has become a running theme in Android application development, It’s a great way of getting easy to test business logic and UI centric code separated.